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Increase the amount of traffic driven to your website from Search Engines

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex but massively rewarding method of Online Marketing, and the best method of this is personalised website customisation.

    Firstly, we will meet with you to discuss your business so we have a good idea of what it is you do, and what your target audience is. This step is vital in ensuring we have all the relevant information required to draw up a personalised marketing strategy.
    Our recommended SEO plan is detailed by the three points listed below.

HTML Coding

The starting point... We will create unique code with particular attention to the titles, descriptions, and tags on each webpage. We will also instruct bots, sweepers and automatic indexation to stay clear of your website meaning we can specify exactly what information we want search engines to collect from your website and show to searchers.

Link Building

White Hat links are a fantastic method of SEO. If Google can identify that your website has good content related to your business, then it will boost your position on their results page. The trick here is to steer clear of 'Black Hat' tactics (useless links that may boost your website for a very short period of time, but will likely cause your position to be dropped as google penalise websites for using this tactic)


Once we have updated your website, we will upload the new mapping and indexing of your website to Google. This will let them know that the website has now changed dramatically and they will re-index and sweep the website and rank it accordingly. Please note, that this may take up to 3 months to have the desired effect, so driving traffic to your website through social media, email or word of mouth will help massively.

In addition to the above points, it is important to have the following:

  • Up to date and relevant content
  • Providing users with a mobile-friendly site
  • Having a secure site (HTTPS)
  • After we have done the initial work, we will continue to monitor the website's performance on a monthly basis and update you with the increase of traffic that has been directed to your website from search engines. We will aim to meet with you every 6 months to ensure we are maintaining your desired performance. Check out our blog page to see various methods you can adopt to improve the SEO on your website yourself.

    2017 Ranking Factors

    Each month we add a new video on SEO to our website and this month we are featuring Brian Dean. Brian Dean is a very interesting Channel owner on YouTube. He has various videos on how to help you get your website optimised. Check out his video!