Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy

All too often we hear clients say digital marketing ‘hasn’t performed well in the past’ or ‘we have done some digital marketing but the results have been poor’.  In most cases, the reason for failure comes down to the absence of a detailed digital marketing strategy.  It’s important to have a strategy in place to understand what you need to do, how you will do it and why it will be beneficial.


A strategy will outline key elements that should be focused on when undertaking any form of digital marketing.  This will become your businesses playbook for all future campaigns.  Ultimately, this ensures campaigns are running effectively for both for short term targets and long term strategic goals.


Your unique digital marketing strategy is a perfect set up for other services we offer like social media marketing and website design and in most cases will be the start of a long term digital marketing solution with us.

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Areas we cover

Construct Buyer Personas

Knowing who you sell your product or service to is important when constructing a digital marketing strategy.  A buyer persona will outline the interests, demographics and behaviours of an ideal customer.  This helps plan future campaigns.

Identify Business Goals

Having goals and targets is important when building a marketing strategy.  We will ensure goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound for the greatest impact.  These goals will be the focus of all campaigns that will be deployed.

Asset Audit and Evaluation

What you currently have and how you use it is a massive step to planning a digital marketing strategy.  Evaluating how your digital assets are used and what type of response they generate is a key element when planning future campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors can give us valuable insight into your industry.  We will identify major competitors and research their business and marketing strategies.  This will allow us to develop your marketing strategy and identify opportunities and focus areas.

Identify Opportunity Areas

Once we have completed planning and research, we will have identified and developed opportunity areas.  These opportunities will be a signal for future campaigns and what they should focus on.

Plan Campaigns

In order to improve your online exposure, campaigns have to be meticulously planned.  The final step is to create campaigns that are centred around elements outlined in our analysis.

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