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Social Media Marketing

Social Media has very quickly become a vital part of our lives and the most effective place to target potential customers. There are millions of active users every second on these networking platforms, and with the right targeting, you can interact with the right people to give you sales and leads.


Our method of social media marketing involves creating and promoting content in a specific way that will convert potential customers according to your specifications.


We have training in various social media marketing certifications including Facebook Blueprint which gives us a vast amount of knowledge in creating the perfect social media presence for your business.

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Areas we cover

Complete Management

Total management of all your social media platforms.  Schedule posts, interact with potential customers and drive engagement through powerful campaigns.

Analysis and Optimisation

Review and optimise your social channels.  Analyse your followers engagement with your pages to identify potential opportunities and reveal any weaknesses on your platforms

Influencer Marketing

Connect with potential influencers who will be valuable to your business.  Manage influencer campaigns to ensure these run effectively to deliver your desired result.

Structured Campaigns

Campaigns structured specifically to achieve your business objectives.  These focus on brand awareness, engagement and conversions

Social Content Creation

Generate images and text for use in our social campaigns.  These are all specifically made to reflect your business in the most effective way.

Competitor Monitoring

Review your competitors platforms to identify strengths in their strategy, potential opportunities that they may have missed and how they are interacting with their followers.

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