Social Media Marketing



BILLIONS of people are glued to social media every minute of every day. Let’s show them your brand and create some hype around your online presence. We will show you how social media marketing can be the greatest income generator out there!

Social Media has very quickly become a vital part of our lives and the most effective place to target potential customers. There are millions of active users every second on these networking platforms, and with the right targeting, you can interact with the right people to give you sales and leads.


Our method of social media marketing involves creating and promoting content in a specific way that will convert potential customers according to your specifications.


We have training in various social media marketing certifications including Facebook Blueprint which gives us a vast amount of knowledge in creating the perfect social media presence for your business.



What makes social media so useful is the opportunity to target a very specific, or broad group of people. Everyone on social media has specific interests, likes and habbits. This means that any marketing done on this platform will be shown to the exact people that will have a particular interest to your business.



Increase Brand Awareness


Social Media platform allow you to dramatically increase brand awareness through interacting with new and existing customers. The option to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ or ‘Re-Tweet’ will ensure your brand is reached to thousands of people instantly. If your content is well marketed, there is no reason to say you will not reach over 1 million people at a fraction of the price of more conventional methods





Social Media platforms have interegated analytic tools allowing us to monitor the progress of your marketing campaigns. This will let you know what works, at what time, in order to prepare for the next campaign you may have.



Start a social media campaign with an Ad Spend of over £500pcm from September – December
and get all creatives made for your adverts a value of at least £200.


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In addition to the above points, Social Media Marketing allows you to track competitors, improve customer service and also helps boost SEO.

Even if you do not have any social media set up for your business, we will be able to give you everything you need to get the ball rolling. Check out or blog page for good hints and tips on how to create good social media campaigns.


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