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Your website is the online storefront for your business.  We know how to make it inviting so that potential customers will explore what you have to offer.  Also, we want to ensure that your user experience is one that will engage your customer and ensure you see results.

Our website design service always starts with a strong vision built by incorporating your ideas with ours.


From this, we are able to produce a stunning website design suited for your business type with incredible functionality.


Our website design aim is to provide users with the best possible experience during their visit to your website. We feel that a website is one of the best ways to promote a strong company image online and our website design service will make this achievable by addressing the points below.

Visual Content


How your website looks sets the tone for how people see your business. Websites with old designs will make your company appear out of date. A plain site, or one that is too flashy, could discourage potential customers. A design that matches the way you work (simple and a touch of fun, or cutting-edge and complex) is critical and achievable with our help.




Building a website that is 100% functional and responsive is increasingly challenging. The way people browse the Web is different (from browser to the operating system, and desktop to mobile) and every site has to be adapted to them all. Our strategy? Well, we research constantly to find the best practices and the latest tools to increase the compatibility of your website on all devices.


Websites Use


Websites can be used for a variety of different reasons, Whether it will be used for e-commerce, blogging, brochure, or whatever you may need it for. It has to be both user-friendly and appealing to look at. This will ensure customers will return, and new customers will be more likely to use your product or service over the competition



Get a WordPress package from September – December and get 6 months of
free support and maintenance with a value of at least £360.


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At Doozy Dog, we pride ourselves on creating inviting, easy to use websites with incredible, state of the art functionality. We will always work on developing your ideas in creating the perfect website for your business. We will never create a website that is not 100% suited to you and will always offer an extra helping hand where you need it.


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