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This page is intended for clients as a resource to view the current status of our services.  Also included is a section that lists any information surrounding outages and maintenance.


If you are experiencing issues with any of our services and the status below shows it is fully operational, please submit a support ticket by clicking the button below.  This will open a ticket and allow us to investigate the issue further.  You will be notified by email and be sent regular updates until the issue is resolved.

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Primary Server - Fully Operational

This is the main web server for clients websites hosted on our server. This includes web servers, mail servers, FTP accounts and panel access.

Secondary Server - Fully Operational

This is the secondary server that runs 24 hours behind our main server. This server is used in the event of complex maintenance to our main server or if we expect an outage to last more that 2 hours.

Primary Server Backup - Fully Operational

This is the backup server that backs up the primary server and mirrors to the secondary server in the event we need to switch servers over. In addition to this, it also allows us to keep full backups of your site for 10 days in the event you need to revert back to a stable version after encountering issues.

Client Portal - Fully Operational

Our client portal which runs all aspects of client management including project and task management, support tickets, invoicing and more.

Cloud Drive - Fully Operational

Our cloud drive for sharing content with clients allowing them to receive unique links to view and download assets we share.

Email Marketing Platform - Fully Operational

Our platform for creating, sending and tracking mass emails

Outage and Maintenance Information

15/06/2021 - Primary Server Maintenance

We are upgrading some packages and running security scans on our server today. There is no anticipated downtime.

08/06/2021 - Primary Server Temporary Outage

There was a temporary interruption caused by an OS vendor PHP script being unresponsive. This issue was rectified by restarting the service. No data loss occurred and the system resumed without and problems. Total downtime was 16 minutes from first report. (16:47 - 17:03)

19/04/2021 - Primary Server Hardware Replacement

Following the hardware fault, we decided to have all hardware replaced on the server with brand new components. This should minimise the chances of a future hardware fault. As all sites were already pointing to the secondary server, there was no interruption to service. Following a successful server re-image of our primary server, all websites were added back to the primary server and DNS zones were updated to point to the primary server again. There was no downtime during this operation

11/04/2021 - Primary Server Hardware Failure

Our primary server suffered a severe hardware failure which was most likely linked to last months hard drive failure. This resulted in the system to go into kernel shock and was only able to be booted in safe mode. This did not allow our server management platform to load and therefore all services that ran on our server were not operational. The primary server then wrote this issue to the configuration files which was carried through to our secondary server too - resulting in its failure. Fortunately, we were able to install a recovery file from the previous day onto the secondary server and boot as normal. We then ensured that all sites were recovered fully from the backup server and pointed all DNS to the secondary server so all services could resume. Until we can establish what the error with the primary server was, we will run all sited on the secondary server and backup the data to the backup server. There was no data loss as a result of this. Total downtime was 9h 21m from discovery (21:32 11/04/2021 - 06:53 12/04/2021)

17/03/2021 - Primary Server Hard Drive Replacement

Following the hard drive failure, we ran tests on the hard drives to pinpoint any issues. Although there were no serious issues identified, HD0 was running slower than we would like so we decided to replace this with a new one. The new hard drive was then rebuilt using a mirror of HD1 and then the server was rebooted using a full RAID setup again. There was no data loss as a result of this. Total downtime was 4m (10:43 - 10:47)

14/03/2021 - Primary Server Hard Drive Failure

Our primary server suffered a hard drive failure. As this server has a RAID setup, the second hard drive was recoverable. The system was then rebooted using the second hard drive. We will run tests on the failed hard drive to identify what the issue was. There was no data loss as a result of this. Total downtime was 2h 21m from discovery.

08/02/2021 - Primary Server Scheduled Maintenance

Our servers has scheduled maintenance to install essential security updates Expected downtime for up to 5 minutes while this is carried out. Total downtime was 5m (20:01 - 20:06)

15/12/2020 - Primary Server Scheduled Maintenance

Our servers has scheduled maintenance to install essential security updates. Expected downtime for up to 30 minutes while this is carried out. Total downtime was 24m (00:16 - 00:40)