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Lightening fast, ultra secure and extremely reliable are some of the things we can say about our web hosting servers.  What makes us different to other providers?  We physically own the servers we host sites on.  This means your website is in a trusted environment with only websites we have developed or manage and not just slung on a shared server with 100,000’s of other websites which could be marked as spam.


Having a good quality server to host your website on is an absolute necessity for scaling your online business.  Take a look below for more information.

fast and secure website hosting

Features of our website hosting

Unrivalled Security

Our servers are secured in ISO27001 certified data centres.  Each website we host on our server is meticuliousley scanned for vulnerabilities to ensure the server and your site remains secure.  We constantly monitor all our sites and the security of the server to identify possible threats before they ever become a problem.

Speed Optimised

We keep things fast… very fast.  Our hosting package includes server lever caching and has the latest software to keep loading times low.  All sites on our server will benefit from unlimited bandwith so you will never be slowed down.

SSL as Standard

Don’t be fooled into paying more money than necessary, all sites on our server are secured with a Let’s Encrypt certificate so visitors can trust your website and you can be sure your website data cant be compromised.

99.9% Uptime

Apart from a couple of scheduled maintenance procedures, our servers have achieved a 99.9% uptime.  Any problems will usually be fixed within minutes should an issue arise.

Scheduled Backups

Full weekly backups are scheduled to ensure you have a full website to restore should you encounter any problems.  Again, this can be restored and back up in a matter of minutes.

User Friendly Control Panel

We use Plesk Onyx as our server control panel.  You get a login when you sign up and you can manage your website, emails, files, databases and more.  All information is right in front of you and navigation around the panel is easy

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